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Gacha is where you can get most Rare 4 units. You can use fairy stones or jewels for a pull, and you randomly receive a unit. You can do a single pull, or eleven pulls.

Fairy Stone Gacha:

Obtained by using 5 fairy stones.  Units that you can obtain can range from Rare 2 to Rare 4.  This is where Limited Gachas are located when they are available.

Sometimes, due to popular vote done on the game's official page on Twitter, certain Rare 4 characters will have a higher obtainable rate.  Recently, most limited gachas have their obtainable rates increased.

[List of units available from Fairy Stone Gacha here]

Jewel Gacha: 

Units that can be obtained here range from Rare 1 to Rare 3, for 20,000 jewels for one pull

Special Gacha:

Available duing limited intervals, players can use 1 fairy stone for units available in the Fairy Stone Gacha once per day