Things to note

  • The order in which the characters in the team attack depends on their speed.
  • All magics have a CT (cool time). It represents the number of turns before you can use that magic again.
  • Ultimate magic (極魔法). When this button lights up, tap on it to attack all enemies at once.

Abnormal status

Enemies can cause your characters to go into abnormal status.

  • Burn (火傷)
  • Freeze (凍結)
  • Poison (毒)
  • Darkness (暗闇)
  • Stun (スタン)
  • Confuse (混乱)
  • Sleep (睡眠)
  • Petrify (石化)

Manual battle

Battle manuala
There are 2 bars shown beside the icon of each character in your team.
  • Top: HP
  • Bottom: Gauge - The higher the character's agility, the faster the gauge fills. The character can attack once the gauge is full.
Battle manual 1
Battle manual 2

You can choose to use "normal attack" or "magic attack" by tapping on the respective icons.

  • There is no restriction on the use of normal attacks.
  • For magic attacks, a CT number will be shown after the attack is used. This represents the number of turns before you can use that attack again.

You can use the "ultimate magic attack" when the icon lights up. This attack inflicts damage on all enemies.

Auto battle

To play in auto mode, toggle "auto battle mode" to "on". You can choose the speed to be 1x or 2x.